e-Hack Attack FAQ’s


What is the weight of the e-Hack broken down?
Without the e-Hack legs – approx. 170 lbs., including the base.

What is the size of the e-Hack broken down?
With the base – approx. 39” long x 30” wide x 25” tall

What type of assembly is necessary upon first receipt of my new e-Hack?
Your new pitching machine will arrive fully assembled and ready for your immediate use. No assembly or special tools are required.

How is the e-Hack most commonly transported?
Most people transport the machine with the legs removed. Two people can lift the e-Hack into a truck, SUV, etc.

How is the e-Hack moved around the softball field?
The machine is provided with large rolling wheels for moving the machine on and off the field. (Other machines are positioned on the throwing wheels to roll them on and off the field. This can affect the surface of the throwing wheels and eventually affect the performance of the pitches.) The e-Hack throwing wheels come in contact with nothing other than a softball!

What type of balls will the e-Hack throw?
It will throw any type of softball or pitching machine ball, including leather, poly, or foam ball. Synthetic balls are not recommended under any circumstances as they will not only wear rapidly, but will often leave a residue on the throwing wheels. (Do not mix ball types.) Please see softball accessories

What is the height of the ball release point of the machine?
The release point for the e-Hack is 23.

How accurate is this machine?
Because the e-Hack has a unique three-wheel design, the ball is gripped in three locations (as opposed to two in other machines), providing tremendous control and accuracy.

What is the full load operating amps for the e-Hack?
The e-Hack draws between 2-15 amps when running; however we recommend a 20-amp service, 120 Volt for machine operation.

What is an acceptable length for an extension cord and what type do I need?
Up to 50 feet, use a minimum of #14/3 grounded wire. For 51-100 feet, use a minimum of #12/3 grounded 3-wire.

Can the machine be operated with a generator?
No, it cannot be used with a generator.

What is the range of ball speeds the machine can deliver?
The e-Hack can deliver a pitch at any speed from 35 to 100 mph.

What type of pitches can the e-Hack deliver?
Any pitch can be delivered, including, but not limited to fastballs, risers, drops, both right and left hand screwballs, etc. You can set up 1 to 10 right-handed or left-handed sequences of your choice, you can program up to 10 different pitches in a sequence and each pitch can be thrown up to 10 times.

Can the machine throw pitches at random?
Yes, it will throw pitches at random within a sequence.

Can you customize the speed and/or location of the pitches?
Yes, you can individually create the speed, spin and location of each pitch.

What is the recovery time between pitches for the e-Hack?
The e-Hack has a recovery time of 8 seconds.

What is the advantage of a three-wheel machine as compared to other designs?
Vision/Timing: The design of the e-Hack, with three throwing wheels, insures that the batter never loses sight of the ball. A batter will lose sight of the ball on a 2-wheel machine because of the location of the top throwing wheel. The most common complaint from coaches and hitters of a 2-wheel machine is the fact that the loss of vision affects the batters timing.

Ball Control: The e-Hack, with three throwing wheels, provides greater accuracy than any other pitching machine.

Wheel and Ball Wear: Since less gripping is required, both wear on the throwing wheels and wear on the ball is greatly reduced.

What makes the Sports Attack pitching machine wheels higher in quality?
Careful testing of quality components builds a better product. No air pressure considerations with our solid design. We have never replaced a throwing wheel due to wear, weather or melting!

What happens when a ball is hit back into the machine?
The e-Hack is virtually indestructible; it has both front and rear guards that protect the throwing wheels.

The e-Hack is heavier than competitive machines, why is heavier better?
More mass absorbs recoil resulting in extreme accuracy. This machine is stable and does not move around from recoil. All weight is centered over mid-point, no cantilevering like with other machines. Regardless of weight, due to the unique design, this machine is more portable then other lighter units.

Can we convert the softball e-Hack machine to a baseball machine?
No, conversion kits are not available.

How is repair and service handled for the e-Hack?
Components parts are designed to be easily replaced in the field, local assistance is not required. Simply identify part needed, order part directly from Sports Attack and follow easy directions for repair. Only a few common tools are required to complete any repair. All electronic components are in a separate, detachable box. Simply unplug box and send in for repair service.

What is the warranty on the e-Hack pitching machine?
All sports training equipment manufactured by Sports Attack is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase, with the following exceptions: throwing wheels are warranted for one (1) year; electronic components are warranted for one (1) year; and, the throwing wheel motors and actuators are warranted for one (1) year.

How long has Sports Attack been in business producing pitching machines?
Sports Attack has been in business since 1995 producing baseball, softball volleyball, football, soccer, cricket and tennis ball machines. The founders and owners of Sports Attack have over 45 years experience designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing pitching machines. The lead design engineer for Sports Attack helped to develop some of the first pitching machines ever produced.

How long does it take to receive an e-Hack pitching machine?
Sports Attack, located in Reno, NV, can typically ship an e-Hack within 10 business days. These units are only available in 120V, no models are available for international use.

How many pitching machines has Sports Attack sold?
The e-Hack is currently being used at college and high school levels by many teams across the country. To see a listing of some of our customers by state, click here.