Do you own a Snap Attack training machine?


Most Common Operating Errors

The equipment must be used with the proper power source and extension cord.
A 20-amp service is recommended for continuous operation of the machines. Use a minimum of #14/3 grounded power cord up to 200 ft. in length. A longer cord will require the opinion of a licensed electrician. Any generator that is used must generate “clean electricity”. We recommend a minimum of 1000 watt up to 2000 watt Honda generator with inverter technology. Weight of these generators is approximately 27 lbs., similar to the weight of a battery, and they are extremely portable. Unless the generator provides “clean electricity”, the power surges from the generator will cause a machine to surge and become erratic, it will deliver a ball very inconsistently.

Football machine must be used with the proper balls.
Both leather and composite balls work with the Snap Attack. The machine will perform best with properly inflated balls (10 to 13 lbs). The machine is designed for a standard football (high school level play and above,) it will not throw a youth size ball. Synthetic balls are not recommended as they will not only wear rapidly, but will often leave a residue on the throwing wheels. See the respective manual for instructions on how to clean build-up off of a throwing wheel.