NEW Blast Attack Softball Pitching Machine


New Feature Rich, Affordable Youth Training Tool

The Blast Attack is Sports Attack’s new single wheel machine designed for club and other youth programs. It allows complete vision of the ball, just like a live pitcher, while delivering fastballs up to 70 MPH. Unique, patented design also incorporates easy elevation adjustment, full fungo capabilities, many safety features and extreme portability.


Why not a curveball?

The only way a one-wheel machine can throw a true curveball is if the throwing head is turned sideways and the ball chute is moved to the bottom of the wheel. (For a fastball the chute has to be at the top of the wheel.) Unless both of these changes are made, a one-wheel machine can only produce backspin pitches that have a ‘tail,’ a tilted backspin ball delivery is NOT a curveball, despite what some competitor’s claim.

The true value of our Blast Attack’s patented design is its simplicity of use, the safety it provides and the complete ball vision it offers that will give the batter an actual live-arm sense of timing and location. Realistic, actuate pitches every time.


  • Two angled pinch pads allow full vision of the ball through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like a live pitcher
  • Indestructible metal wheel guards safely protect throwing wheel
  • Accurate, realistic fastballs up to 70 MPH
  • Sight turn of the handle changes pitch elevation
  • Horizontal control has positive lock for accuracy and safety
  • Throwing head pivots for unlimited defensive drills
  • Two carrying handles for ease of transport, fits into any car
  • Detailed instructions and labels support a quick start-up
  • All steel construction, no plastic that will break when hit by ball
  • Quickly converts from softball to baseball

Basic Model Price: $1,299





Pro Model includes

  • Digital speed display that shows you the exact speed of every pitch
  • Infinite inside/outside adjustment that allows you to move the ball the width of the plate, even between pitches
  • Transporting wheels for easy moving on and off the field

Pro Model Price: $1,499



Sports Attack
Blast Attack
Timing/Vision Excellent
At release, hitter can visually track the ball all the way through to release
Ball not visible until released
from machine
Ball not visible until released
from machine
Safety Excellent
Full coverage steel wheel guard; Securely locks into position both vertically and horizontally
Plastic, partial wheel guard (much of spinning wheel is exposed); vertically and horizontally friction locking assemblies subject to slippage and inaccuracy
No wheel guard on spinning wheel; oversized vertical friction locking handle, subject to slippage and inaccuracy
Elevation Control Excellent
Infinite control crank-handle, instant positive change (between pitches)
Difficult to fine-tune and hold ball height location
Difficult to fine-tune and hold ball height location
Horizontal Control Excellent
Quickly, mechanically locks into position
Difficult to fine-tune and hold ball location, subject to slippage
Cumbersome but adequate
Inside/Outside Exclusive (Patented)
Controls deliver across width of the plate, can adjust between pitches
Not Available Not Available
Defensive Drills Excellent
Full movement for all grounders, fly balls, line-drives, pop-ups, catchers pop-ups
Not available
Full movement for all grounders, fly balls, line-drives, pop-ups
Quality Excellent
All steel, solid poly wheel
Plastic (partial) wheel guards
All steel, air filled wheel
Accuracy Excellent
Concave wheel and two angled pinch point
Concave wheel and one flat pinch point
(subject to air pressure)
Flat wheel and one flat pinch point
Speed 70 MPH 70 MPH 60 MPH
Pitches Fastball Fastball, unrealistic backspin curveball Fastball
Portability Dual handles for carrying and lifting Single handle for carrying Roll on throwing wheel
Transportability Travel wheels optional No travel wheels Travel wheels optional