Ace Attack FAQ


Is there an age limit for using the Ace Attack?
The Ace Attack was designed for use for players of all ages. However minors should never operate the machine themselves and should always have direct adult supervision.

How fast does the machine serve?
The Ace Attack will serve with any spin to any court location up to a speed of 110 MPH. The machine can simulate speed of up to 130 MPH by moving it a few feet into the court, reducing the player’s reaction time.

When can I expect delivery of a machine once an order is placed?
Typically Sports Attack can deliver an Ace Attack machine within two weeks of receiving the order. However, during peak season, you can expect up to a four week lead time. Order early!

How many balls does the machine hold?
The ball hopper for the Ace Attack will hold approximately 200+ balls. A true benefit of the clear hopper design is that you can visually identify from across the court, the number of balls in the hopper at any given time.

Is the Ace Attack programmable?
In the true sense of the word, the Ace Attack is known for its simplicity and does not require detailed “programming” to deliver up to a four-line drill. Simply set a few switches, dial in your speed and desired width and begin the drill.

What is the power source for the Ace Attack?
You will need a 120 volt, 15 amp service. This is typically supplied through a 14/3 gauge extension cord up to 200 ft. We strongly recommend the use of GFCI. A longer cord will require the opinion of a licensed electrician.

What is the machine made out of?
The Ace Attack machine is made out of powder-coated tubular steel, designed to withstand outside elements, including blowing sand and salt air.

What makes the Ace Attack different from the competitive units?
The main difference between the Ace Attack and other units is its ability to provide serve receipt from a realistic release point (9ft). The machine can transition from a groundstroke to serving heights at the push of a button, without the use of expensive external lifts or other cumbersome lifting mechanisms. Also, our unique three-wheel design delivers any type of spin, including first and second serves, right or left handed, without the awkward adjustments necessary with other units.

What happens if a part fails?
Sports Attack has been manufacturing sports training equipment for almost a decade, with thousands of volleyball, baseball and softball machines in use today. Our machines have a solid reputation of quality and dependability and Sports Attack’s level of customer service is unmatched in the industry. While our Ace Attack is relatively new to tennis, the machine is designed for quick and easy part replacement if a problem were ever to occur. Simply call our 800 number and we will walk you through the problem or send you a new, easily replaceable part immediately.

How do I identify the parts that might need replacement?
The machine is provided with a manual that clearly identifies all of the replacement parts available. Our in-house customer service reps are skilled at trouble shooting all of our machines and working through any issues that might arise.

Is field service available to repair my machine onsite?
At present time, field service is not available. Due to the simplicity of our machine, we did not find it necessary to establish a service network. All of our parts are readily accessible and are available for shipment within 24 hours.

What is the warranty on the Junior pitching machine?
What is the warranty on the Tennis machine? All sports training equipment manufactured by Sports Attack is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase, with the following exceptions: throwing wheels are warranted for two (2) years; electronic controller is warranted for two (2) years; and, the throwing wheel motors are warranted for two (2) years.

How long has Sports Attack been in business producing sports training machines?
Sports Attack has been in business for over 20 years producing baseball, softball volleyball, American football, cricket, rugby, soccer and tennis ball machines. The founders and owners of Sports Attack combined have over 60+ years experience designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing sports training equipment.