Strike Attack FAQ


What is the weight of the Strike Attack?
The Strike Attack is 127 lbs. with the battery attached.

What is the shipping dimensions of the Strike Attack?
The Strike Attack is shipped in a box whose dimensions are 32″L x 38″W x 43″H.

What type of assembly is necessary upon first receipt of my new Strike Attack?
The Strike Attack will arrive already assembled. You will have to install the rear handle assembly, but no tools are required.

How does the machine spin the ball?
Spin is imparted on the ball by increasing the speed of one wheel over the other wheel, the greater the difference, the more spin you will get.

How do you get the ball to bend to the left or right?
You can change the direction of the bend by changing the location of the wheels. Simply loosen the rotation knob, find your desired ball placement and then lock it into place. The wheels will rotate a full 180 degrees.

How long does the battery last?
A fully charged battery can run the machine for a continuous 4+ hours, more than you will ever need for a practice session.

Is the machine safe?
Yes. The wheels are the only moving part and they are fully covered by shields. This is a professional training tool and not a toy, so playing around the unit would not be safe as ball speeds can reach 70+ MPH. With adult supervision, the machine is very safe.

How do coaches use the machine?
It is a great training tool for goalkeepers as it enables the coach to work with the keepers while a teammate feeds the balls. It is also great for drills that require a significant amount accuracy, such as practicing headers, low volleys, high volleys etc.

How does the Jugs machine compare with the Strike Attack?
This Strike Attack can shoot the ball with all different variations of speed, distance and spin. The Jugs machine has two air-filled tires that launch the ball at a much slower speed without the option to put a bend on the ball. The Jugs machine cannot change the height or direction of ball release.

What is the warranty on the Strike Attack?
All sports training equipment manufactured by Sports Attack is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase, with the following exceptions: throwing wheels are warranted for two (2) years; electronic controller is warranted for two (2) years; and, the throwing wheel motors are warranted for two (2) years.

How long has Sports Attack been in business producing sports training machines?

Sports Attack has been in business since 1995 producing baseball, softball volleyball, American football, cricket, rugby, and soccer machines. The founders and owners of Sports Attack combined have over 60+ years experience designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing sports training equipment.