The Ultimate use of every practice minute…

Precise, quality repetition.


Reps. Reps. Reps.

All muscle memory skills are acquired through quality repetitions performed in focused periods of time. The Strike Attack can be used to develop individual skills in isolation, consistently kick the ball for rotating team drills or simply start off play with an especially difficult ball entry.

Ball machines are widely used in almost every other major sport but are relatively new to soccer. For advanced skills it might take weeks of conventional, player-to-player training to achieve the same number of precise repetitions as in just thirty minutes of practice with a ball machine.

The Strike Attack soccer machine will rotate throwing positions and angles to provide powerful kicks, spin shots, and thousands of backspin passes per practice with the ability to lock in exact placement, speed and spin for precise repetition. This versatile unit can deliver cross kicks, indirect free kicks and penalty kicks with any speed and bend seen in international play.

The Strike Attack can be used for many drills for defenders, attackers and most especially goalkeeper training where it can improve balance, control, judgment, and range of coverage. A goalkeeper will develop a fast reaction to power kicks and close-range shots as well as better anticipate attacking players on cross and corner kicks.

Stop relying on the coach’s skills, with the Strike Attack the coach can now provide instruction and feedback. When it comes to ball throwing equipment, it is best to buy from the company that has 50+ years of sports training machine design experience, Sports Attack.



Why Buy the New Strike Attack Soccer Machine?


Machine Performance

  • Machine provides reliable service on any soccer field or playing surface.
  • A realistic curve and bend of the ball can be consistently delivered and easily controlled.
  • Balls can be thrown with the desired amount of spin, or without any spin providing a variety of realistic drills and simulations.
  • Balls can be delivered up to 75 MPH at a distance of 70 yards or more.
  • The type of spin, height and direction desired can be locked into place to ensure precise repetition focused on your specific training objectives.
  • Direction, speed and distance can be instantly changed for specific goalkeeper training.
  • The machine can deliver the ball at ground level or in the air at any height and can direct balls to be aimed in any direction from left to right. When combined with the ability to instantly change elevation, the coach has total control to deliver any type of movement of the ball.
  • Specially designed concave wheels conform to the ball surface, eliminating wear of any type of ball.
  • The long ball feed makes it easy for the coach to operate the machine from a standing position.




  • Rear handle enables the machine to be quickly moved to different areas of the field with ease when changing coaching exercises.
  • Grass fields, synthetic turf, even damp or uneven fields are easily navigated due to the heavy-duty, wide tread, transporting wheels.
  • Rear leg assembly is easily disconnected for transport in an SUV.
  • The frame has six integrated handles that enable firm grip and comfortable moving of the machine.

Exceptional Quality

    1. Two controlled variable speed motors provide independent control of wheel speed, enabling ball delivery with any degree of spin at any speed.
    2. Six bearings smoothly provide a full 180° rotation of throwing head for a 360° variable spin plane.
    3. Telescoping rear leg allows coach to change elevation instantly or lock-in position for repetition.
    4. Rear handle assembly allows the coach to play the ball to any location across the length or width of the field.
    5. Ball feed chute provides for the smooth, consistent entrance of the ball into the throwing head.
    6. Concaved, precision-balanced white wheel maximizes griping surface while minimizing slippage and ball or machine wear.
    7. Wheel guards protect players and coaches.
    8. These units provide continual use for extended practice sessions.



Strike Attack Specifications

• Speeds up to 75+ mph
• Distance 70+ yards
• Ball size #3, #4 and #5
• Shots Rolling, bouncing, driving, left and right ball spin and high arching
• Location control Instant
• Throwing wheel size 10“ DIA., 4” W
• Weight 113 lbs
• Footprint 29” W x 37.25” H x 30” D
• Electronic Requirements 110V and 220/240V also available

Price: $2,999 (AC Model)
Price: $3,499 (DC Model with two batteries and 90V Charger)




For international inquires, please contact Sports Attack directly at: or call our office at 775-345-2882.