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Machine Cover

Premium Baseball Machine Cover
Heavy-duty cover is weatherproof and easy to put on. Made of 10 oz. laminated vinyl with draw cord and rope lock to secure cover onto machine. Full length size: 34″H x 31″L x 29″D
$149 | order now


Machine Balls

bb-baden-ballistic_kevlar White Leather Practice Ball with Kevlar® Seams
This 9″ ball has a leather cover with flat seams of unbreakable Kevlar stitching, designed for machine use. The cushioned cork center provides great sound and distance off the bat, just like a game ball.
$57.99/dozen | order now
Baden_dimple Baden B-PMS9 Seamed Pitching Machine Ball
This white 9″ dimpled pitching machine ball has an exclusive patented red seams for a realistic look. Inset seams protect ball color and the specially formulated red ink does not rub off. The genuine baseball appearance will train your eye for the real pitch! Weight 5 oz.$47.99/dozen | order now
OL OL 7.5
This unique 7.5″, 3.5 oz. training ball has a full grain leather cover with precision raised seams. The Kevlar seams, cushioned cork center and premium grey wool wound make it an extremely durable practice ball for vision training of hitters or for fielding drills. Available in white and optic yellow. For Junior Hack Attack only.White leather: $52.99/dozen | order now
EyeBall Eye Ball
Eye Balls are 20% smaller than regulation baseballs, to develop better vision and hand-eye coordination. These limited flight pitching machine balls have a true trajectory of up to 40 ft. Requires very little containment while providing a feel of resistance at contact off both wood and aluminum bats. For Track Attack and Junior Hack Attack with a 7.5″ conversion kit only.
White $39.99/dozen | order now