New Design!
Skill Attack Volleyball


Unique Volleyball Machine Features

The Skill Attack is the perfect individual volleyball training tool with a ball release point of over 5′, not from floor level like other volleyball machines. It will deliver thousands of reps in daily practice of serve receiving, setting and digging with accuracy and repeatability. Designed for young serious players and individual practice at home as well as competitive club or school youth teams.

Serving: The Skill Attack offers a full range of spins to deliver every type of drill including serves with either sharp downspins or breaking floaters at speeds up to 50 MPH (a 10 MPH increase). It is easily rolled along the serving baseline, changing the angle of serves.

Spiking: The Skill Attack volleyball machine is great for digging drills on the same side of the net with power and accuracy.

Setting: Providing rapid reps at varying intervals, the Skill Attack will provide accurate and consistent soft sets with no spin at any angle and height.

Horizontal throwing head movement with NEW quick-release knob allows you to point ball delivery in any direction, working a player’s weak side to really extend any range.

Vertical movement coupled with the horizontal movement, means you can instantly throw the ball to any point on the court, creating game situations & challenging players to perform in progressively more difficult circumstances.

Portability: NEW quick-disconnect leg design allows this small agile unit to be easily and quickly rolled anywhere on the court or in your backyard or garage.

Storage: The Skill Attack will easily fit through any standard door for safe storage. This unit will also break down instantly for easy transportation; it will fit in the trunk of any car.


Exceptional Training Machine Quality

The frame of the Skill Attack is powder-coated, rust-resistant steel tubing for extreme durability.

The sturdy tri-pod provides stability and ease of movement using lockable, non-marking casters.

Two variable speed motors directly drive two indestructible 6.5″ diameter ball-throwing wheels. Almost instant recovery provides rapid repetition, no waiting for air-powered launch system to recover.

Price: $1,499

Ball Release Point Range 6′ 3″ to 9′ 6″ 6′ to 9′ 3″ 5′ 6″ to 8′ 6″ 5′ 3″
New Serving
90+ MPH 80+ MPH 70 MPH 50 MPH
Spiking Over Men’s and Women’s net Over men’s and women’s net Over women’s net From same side of net
Setting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spin Top spins to floaters Top spins to floaters Top spins to floaters Top spins to floaters
Location Control Instant Instant Instant Instant
Portability Fits through standard doorway and into any standard size SUV or pickup Fits through standard doorway & into any standard size SUV or pickup Fits through standard doorway & into any standard size SUV or pickup Breaks down to fit in the trunk of any size car
110V and 220/240V
also available
110V and 220/240V
also available
110V and 220/240V
also available
110V and 220/240V
also available
New Throwing Wheel Size 10″ diameter, 4″ wide 10″ diameter, 4″ wide 10″ diameter, 4″ wide 6.5″ diameter, 1.5″ wide
Dimensions 36″ wide at widest point but configured to easily fit through a 3′ door. 86″-127″ tall (depending on head position) 53″ deep with or without throwing head 24″ wide x 83″-124″ tall

(depending on head position) 50″ deep (45″ w/o throwing head)

24″ wide x 79″-112″ tall

(depending on head position) 47″ deep (42″ w/o throwing head)

36″ wide x 72″ tall 40″ deep
37.5″ 36″ 24″ n/a

Advantage of Wheels

Throwing head pivots easily delivering ball to any location on the court. Spin, speed and tempo can be adjusted instantly between throws. More difficult to place ball, must move the entire machine to introduce variation. Air propelled arm will not impart a spin on ball.
Realistic – elevates from 5′ to well above men’s net, over 9′ 3″. Pivots up to only 6′ (well below both men’s and women’s net height).
Speed Sets to 80 MPH jump serves & everything in between. (Higher release point enables top speeds as ball trajectory does not have to arc to clear net height.) Sets, tosses and claims “hard” spikes and serves, but no actual speed is stated. (Lower release point requires ball to arc in order to clear net height.)
Durability Few moving parts, heavy duty welded powder-coated steel frame. Complicated air pressure system installed in metal frame encapsulated in a plastic shell.

and Tempo

Coach can control tempo by feeding continuously or delays. No recovery time is ever needed. The speed, angle and spin are instantly controlled by the coach with each serve, set or spike. Air-propelled machine can be set to toss up to 1100 balls per hour (one ball every 3.28 seconds). However, recovery time is necessary after rapid fire of 8 –10 balls.
Ball Use

and Wear

New design includes specialized throwing wheels that are shaped to grip the ball with even pressure across a wide 4″ span to increase velocity and minimize ball wear. No specific ball required.
Digging With the Attack & Attack II the ball is released from above the net, a true downward trajectory at high speeds, providing unmatched spike simulation with realistic reaction time for the ultimate digging drills. Not capable of delivering a true spike over a regulation net. Spike drill must be performed from same side of net, below net height, severely limiting ball travel distance & player’s reaction time.
Serving Up to jump serve speeds and release point. Breaking top spins and floaters. No spin limits serve to a simple floater. Low release point requires an arc to clear net & slower speeds to keep in court.
Visibility Can see the ball from feed to delivery, providing a true sense of timing. True visual timing has to be based on ball movement. Player’s timing must be based on a small light seen from across the court and an unrealistic “buzzer.”