Do you own an Aerial Attack football machine?

There are two models of football machine. You can confirm you own an Aerial Attack by looking at the bottom of the speed control dial label where you will find the machine name. When calling Sports Attack customer service, please also note the serial number.


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Machine Manual

Click here for machine manual


Potential General Annual Maintenance

    1. Check all bolts that are accessible once a season for tightness.
    2. Check the set screw on the controller knob to make sure it is tight. Check that the knob is at zero, when turned fully counter-clockwise.
    3. Check the bronze bushings on the right motor tilt head (three total) to make sure they are in good shape, and replace any that are cracked, out of round, or have flat spots.
    4. Check the metal and nylon washers to make sure they are not worn.
    5. Lubricate (80w gearcase oil**) the right motor mounting bracket face to ensure ease of operation when changing tilt, for punt, kickoff, etc.
    6. Check throwing wheels for ball residue build-up. Wheel will not be a consistent color or appear to have a film on the ball throwing surface, or you may see slight peeling of material (this will be ball material, not the surface of the wheel peeling). For removal of ball residue build-up, click here for instructions.
    7. Also check the wheel throwing surface for any damage (cracks, cuts or small missing pieces).  To use the machine safely and to ensure accuracy, the wheel should be clean (see #6) and have a smooth, consistent surface. If there is any visual damage to the wheel(s), call customer service for replacements or order online. (See link below)

** Found at Walmart or any automotive supply store.

Note: Motors are sealed (sealed bearings) and require no lubrication


Most Common Operating Errors

The equipment must be used with the proper power source and extension cord.
A 20-amp service is recommended for continuous operation of the machines. Use a minimum of at least #14/3 grounded power cord but preferable a #12/3 cord, limited to 100 feet if possible but no more than 200 ft. in length. A longer cord will require the opinion of a licensed electrician. Any generator that is used must generate “clean electricity”. We recommend a minimum of 1000 watt up to 2000 watt Honda generator with inverter technology. Weight of these generators is approximately 27 lbs., similar to the weight of a battery, and they are extremely portable. Unless the generator provides “clean electricity”, the power surges from the generator will cause a machine to surge and become erratic, it will deliver a ball very inconsistently.

Football machine must be used with the proper balls.
The Aerial Attack will perform exceptionally well with leather balls. Balls must be properly inflated (10 to 13 lbs). The machine is designed for a standard football (high school level play and above,) it will not throw a youth size ball. Synthetic balls are not recommended as they will not only wear rapidly but will often leave a much heavier residue on the throwing wheels. Also note that a brand new football will not perform well in the machine, all balls have to be rounded and well broken in. WE RECOMMEND FULL GRAIN LEATHER BALLS.

Throwing wheels must be clean with no cracks or cuts.

See the manual for instructions on how to clean build-up off of a throwing wheel. Build-up may look like a discoloration on the wheel or even be material that is peeling off of the wheel. Any build-up or disrepair is unsafe and will cause erratic machine performance.



Machine is throwing ball inconsistently. 

  • Check to make sure you are using the proper extension cord (can’t be too light or too long, see above for specifics).
  • Check that the wheel and motor mount bolts that are accessible (including motor case ‘through bolts’) are tight.
  • Make sure the throwing head is stable and locked into place.
  • Using mixed balls (types, brand or ages) will cause inconsistent ball delivery. Get one ball and throw it repeatedly, if inaccuracy disappears then this is the cause of your inaccuracy.
  • Are the balls you are using wet? Balls have to be dry to throw accurately
  • Check wheels for ball build-up or damage. The surface of the wheel will not ever peel off. If you have material peeling off it is build-up on the wheel, not the wheel deteriorating. This build-up will cause inaccuracy. (Click here for instructions on wheel cleaning)
  • Make sure the ball is properly seated in the cradle – cradle locating pin must be in the very end point of the ball.
  • Be consistent as to where you place the ball seam when putting the ball into the cradle. Typically, the thick, often white ball seam should be facing up (in the 12 o’clock position.)

Wheels are peeling or coming apart.

  • Check wheels for ball build-up or damage. The surface of the wheel will not peel off, if you have material peeling off it is build-up on the wheel, not the wheel deteriorating. (Click here for instructions on wheel cleaning)

One or more ball throwing wheels are not spinning.

  • Possible motor or controller problem, call Sports Attack customer service.

Control knob will not stop at the “0” or “10” position.

  • Check the set screw on the knob to make sure it is secure.
  • If set screw is tight, the knob needs to be reset or controller replaced, call Sports Attack customer service.

Mounted on a cart there is a lot of vibration.

  • Check to make sure it is level and the cart clamp is tight.

There is a lot of vibration/noise when the machine is running.

  • Check all the motor bolts and wheel bolts to make sure they are securely tightened.
  • Make sure machine is locked into place.

Machine will not turn on.

  • Check power source by plugging a known good device into the machine end of the extension cord to ensure you have power to the machine.


Instruction Documents

Click here for instructions on replacing wheels, motors and controllers


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