Attack Volleyball Machine (includes 1 Ball bag and Frame)


National teams to college to club teams can all benefit from the Attack’s powerful game-simulating repetition of drills from floaters to jump serve receiving, to digging, spiking, passing and setting, all delivered from a realistic over-the-net (men’s) release point of 6’ to 9’-3” at speeds up to 70 MPH. (Shown with 2 ball bags which one of them is included with the machine and the other can be purchased separately; each ball bag includes the frame.)

The Attack Volleyball Machine extends over the men’s net height with a ball release point ranging from 6 ft. to 9 ft. 3 in.
Speeds range from soft sets to 80+MPH jump serves- and everything in between.

Thousands of college, high school, club and international teams rely on it to deliver thousands of reps in daily practice
Extremely portable, fits into any pickup or standard size SUV, fits through standard doorway

Machine shipped in 2 boxes via UPS Freight.

Dimensions: box 1 – 34 x 33 x 25, box 2 – 25 x 8 x 74

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