Elite e-Hack Attack Softball Pitching Machine


Elite eHack Attack Softball Pitching Machine

• Large 12” touch screen monitor for quick navigation through our extremely user-friendly software

• Standard (pre-set/default) Pitches designed for quick, simple operation with seven standard pitches instantly accessible (fastball, change-up, heater, riser, drop and screwball right & left)

• Manual Mode allows the ELITE to function as our basic Hack Attack providing you access to each motor and allowing you to customize pitches

• Favorite Pitches fine-tune a pitch and save from both manual and standard modes

• Favorite Sequences (up to 10 per sequence) can be quickly saved and accessed to challenge the mechanics of any hitter or replicate a specific pitcher



Speed – 80+ MPH

Fungo – Pitches only

Vision – Complete ball vision provides a realistic sense of timing

Accuracy – Gripping in three locations provides tremendous control and accuracy

Recovery Time – Less than 8 seconds, with three wheels it is almost instant

Efficiency – Use touch screen for pitch selection, no throwing head adjustments


Ships via LTL Freight.

Additional information

Weight 325 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 42 in

325 lbs


40D x 48W x 42H